Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting closer...

We found out today that Christian has cleared the Medical Review Board at Texas Children's Hospital and is getting close to full approval to go on the transplant list.

There are several logistical items to work out and a post-transplant treatment protocol that Dr S needs to complete before he can officially be "on the list".

Things that need to be worked out include emergency transportation to TCH, arrangements for the family for the immediate surgery, arrangements for a 2-3 month stay in Houston following surgery, follow-up visits, etc. And that is before we get to anything having to do with his treatment protocol (ie, med schedules, testing schedules, etc).

Things look like they will start moving quickly now until formal approval and then.....we wait.

Already having been in end stage renal disease for many years, we believe that Christian could be rather high up on the transplant list once he's there. What an exciting time.

Take care,

Kiki's Dad