2K for Life! Campaign

Announcing the Christian's Conquest "2K for Life!" Campaign

2K for Life! is the primary fund raising campaign for Christian's Conquest. The concept is simple and clear: To enlist 2,000 supporters who will donate $10 a month on a recurring basis.

FAQs on 2K for Life!.

Why a 2K for Life campaign?

The 2K for Life! campaign is the primary fundraising vehicle of Christian's Conquest in support of it's stated mission: 1) To raise funds for Christian's direct ongoing and future treatments and therapies, 2) To offer awareness and direct patient support for families with Atypical HUS patients and 3) To support children and support groups helping children with lifelong, chronic disease.

Does Christian have insurance?

Yes he has insurance. We have always paid for private insurance for Christian - at times, nearly $2,500 a month! Additionally, we pay quarterly Medicare premiums specific to some additional costs Medicare picks up for renal patients.

Doesn't that take care of everything?

Not really. While the combination of private insurances and Medicare can pick up about 80%-100% of most direct care costs, we are billed for and responsible for any remaining unpaid balances.

Additionally, non-direct costs are not covered except by out-of-pocket provision from the family. Things like travel, lodging, absence from work, training, home-health needs, etc are not covered at all. These costs can run several thousand dollars monthly.

Looking forward, economic realities in the federal, state and private programs that support treatments, hospitalizations, clinical support, pharmacy, therapy and support care dictate that reductions in direct care, choice and expediency are imminent.

Follow-up care, therapy, complications, Soliris, anti-rejection medicines, medical travel and associated costs are issues Christian will face for the rest of his life.

It is our goal to ensure that Christian will never be restricted in his choice of care, the "who, when and where" decisions that he will face, on account of a lack of financial capability.

Where can I get third party verification of these types of costs?

There are many articles available on the internet that can shed light on the costs facing patients of life-long, chronic rare disease. Simple google searches for "kidney transplant costs", "medicare anti rejection 3 year limits", "indirect costs of rare disease" will bring up many articles on the realities of the crisis facing patients with long-term health care needs. Here are two example links:

- Medicare limits anti-rejection medicines to 36 months
- Kidney transplant costs study

Is Christian's Conquest a 501c3 non-profit? Are my donations tax deductible?

Not at this time. Our fundraising strategy has been determined by the unique nature of the ongoing need. A 501c3 is a great vehicle when raising large funds from a smaller group of donors; IE, people or companies who want to give in $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 increments. As we researched the fundraising options, we determined that the efforts and costs of putting together a 501c3 and then holding large scale fundraisers in order to raise the funds necessary would be prohibitive.

We believe that a wide spread, grass roots, small denomination fundraising campaign is the best way to build a long term, sustainable funding method for Christian.

If you are interested in a tax-deductible donation in support of Christian's Conquest, please give to one of the three established charities below. These organizations have made an incalculable difference in our life as we have benefited from and supported each group.

Is there any oversight to use of funds raised for Christian's Conquest?

Christian's Conquest has instituted a volunteer Board of Advisers who review the plans and expenditures on an annual basis. The following are currently members of this Board:

Sharon Billingsley
Gene Billingsley Jr.
Martin Morgan, Atty.
Paul Thompson
Adviser #5 TBD

Does Christian's Conquest support other services or groups?

Absolutely! Christian's Conquest currently provides support, awareness and direct services to three organizations:

1) The Foundation for Children with Atypical HUS -  a nonprofit group that has been absolutely critical in the discovery of aHUS pathogenesis and support for the small community of families affected by this terrible disease.

2) Pilots for Patients - a nonprofit group that provides free flight transportation for patients with medical needs that are served in cities far from their home.

3) Give Kids The World - a 70-acre, nonprofit "storybook" resort, located in Orlando, FL near the area's famed Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and other attractions where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families are treated to week-long, cost free fantasy vacations.