Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prayers for Alexander: Donation pass-through for a true tough Tiger

Update: Alexander passed on Friday 9/14. Please see the Prayers For Alexander facebook page for details. Alexander will be laid to rest on Monday, 9/17. We continue in our prayers and thoughts for the Bradberry family. - Kiki's Dad

To all our friends... for the past few days we have been praying with and offering some long distance support to a young family in Mississippi whose son is battling HLHS... a very rare heart disease. Little Alexander has fought a Good fight, but unfortunately, today, will be removed from life support.

We have been in touch with the family and are able to arrange for Christian's Conquest to take pass-through donations for the family as many have requested.

All proceeds through this special donation button will be dedicated to the Alexander Cruz Bradberry Support fund.

All proceeds directed to Alexander Cruz Bradberry Support Fund
Thank you!

Thanks to all who have expressed faith and prayers for the Bradberry's during this time. The family is genuinely touched by the outpouring of love and support.

Kiki's Dad