Monday, January 16, 2012

Sad day, not far away. - Tripp Roth update

Well there is some sad, yet, inspiring news coming from 30 miles down the road. A young boy that we have followed, Tripp Roth, passed away over the weekend.

One of the things I think is critical for Christian's Conquest is to always remind ourselves that awareness for children with rare disease is part of our mission. Tripp and Courtney's strength and love poured out to all on the internet in a way that touched people deeply... it is what we, as parents of chronically ill children, draw from when wondering "why?".

A beautiful message posted to Tripp's blog illuminates this perfectly:

A sweet lady wrote this on the "Prayers for Tripp" Facebook page.
It made my heart smile.

While I prayed for this child this morning, I asked God, "How can this be? Why? This poor child is innocent and hurting! Why does this child endure this? What could possibly come from this?" He answered me, "Child, this child is made PERFECT! He is my vessel! He is the exact tool being used everyday to draw others into my kingdom! Although through your natural eye you see pain, sores, disease, hopelessness, and weakness... I see comfort, beauty, health, joy, strength and compassion! This child has brought many to me! He has brought the hard hearted to be compassionate! He has brought the depressed to have joy! He has brought many that were weak and caused them to be strong! This child has brought LOVE to so many and THIS CHILD is MY CHILD! Perfectly made indeed!"   

Thank you perfect wonderful sweet strangers... for loving my child.  


That is a tough message to get our heads around, but it is truly the message of hope and calling we realize when we open our hearts, ask God and listen when He answers.

I also remember that God never asks us to do something that He himself has not done. Even to the loss of our children.

Thank you, Jesus.

Godspeed, Tripp, and prayers for Courtney and family.

Well done, good and faithful young servant...

Kiki's Dad