Friday, December 30, 2011

A busy January 2012 - Renal transplant workup dates determined

Things are starting to really move fast for Christian.

The transplant team at Texas Children's have built our workup schedule. Christian will travel to Houston January 8th-9th, 11th-13th, 18th and 22nd-23rd! The workups include suitability evaluation, ultrasounds, bone surveys, bone aging, heart evaluation (a little know side effect of dialysis is severe heart stress and left ventricular hypotrophy leading to heart attacks and death - sample article), dieticians, social work and financial counselors.

We'll keep everyone up to date as things proceed.

Thank you to those who have responded to our 2K for Life! campaign. We've only discussed this with a few people and the response has been overwhelming. We really need your support, so please talk it up. Thanks again.

Kiki's Dad

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