Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Extended Stay Houston

Talked with Aida this morning. She was hoping to be able to come home after tomorrow's therapy for Christian but they told her today to expect to stay through Friday.

They are accessing the new port with the blunt needles now and that seems to be going fine.

This morning they ran into alot of trouble with air infiltrating the system. Aida said they spent 1:45 minutes clearing alarms and repositioning the access needles. Finally they were able to clear the air from the system and get a rolling dialysis without alarms.

FYI - the problem with air in the system is that if it gets into the bloodstream it can stop the heart, so it is a critical problem to handle. A volume of air into the heart chambers would mean the heart is contracting against nothing and would pump and pump yet nothing would move through the system.

Clinic is a good place to be when that problem acted up, so we'll take that little bit of fortune today.

Take care.

Kiki's Dad

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