Monday, August 20, 2012

A little weekend scare...

Well right on schedule... when things are trending well for quite some time there is always the hiccup that gets thrown in the mix to keep us on our toes.

This has been a really fascinating few weeks in Christian's care and physically things have been running rather smoothly.

Until Saturday night that is. We had our Friday "off day" from dialysis as is usual, meaning that his last treatment was Thursday evening. There was lot of family stuff going on Saturday so we planned to dialyze in the evening. That evening we set up the machine and then attempted access and had trouble with his "B" port. No problem we'll wait a few hours and try for a midnight treatment.

Midnight comes, we try again and have to give it up after an hour of  access attempts. Now we're getting worried. Christian and Aida were heading to Houston Sunday for his Soliris infusion and if we could not get access early Sunday then we were going to have to try to get a treatment scheduled in Houston for Monday. That would be nearly 3 1/2 days without a treatment and he was really getting full of fluid.

Thank goodness on the third or fourth attempt Sunday morning we were able to get the "B" port and got a full 4 hour session in before they left.

However, it reminds me that we get complacent when things are going good. Christian really should have 3 access ports and when we lost one earlier this year we have not made it a priority to get it re-created.

Kiki's Dad