Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Christian!

Wow! 17 years!

Alot of emotion with this post today... Christian has turned 17. I can remember vividly Dr Phillips at NOCH telling us there was a real chance he would not make it to 5. And the several more times when not making it was way more probable than making it.

Yet here we are. Faith and miracles worked through the vessels of men, women and science have Christian on the doorstep of Life v2.0. We have a soaring heart of joy for our son and a heavy heart of resolve for those we have known intimately along the way whose child's birthdays are celebrated in spirit only.

It was family time today. A good day. A good day, indeed.

Next up: Mom and Christian will be leaving SuperBowl Sunday for the next Houston trip. A 7:30am ultrasound workup is scheduled, followed by consultation and the bi-monthly Soliris infusion.

Also, look for an exciting announcement early next week as Christian's Conquest begins promotion of Rare Disease Day which is slated for Feb 29th this year! Check back soon and please get involved with us in this grass roots awareness campaign.

Kiki's Dad

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