Friday, August 5, 2011

Bad news: Christian has had a mild retinal stroke

Well this is news that has come from left field. As you know, with these kids, things can be going well for quite some time and then seemingly out of nowhere they present with some new issue.

Christian got sick yesterday and then lost vision in his left eye. At first we thought it might be blood pressure related. We got him to a specialist who examined him and determined that he has had a mild stroke in his left eye. He does not think it is blood pressure related as he reviewed Christian's home logs from his daily dialysis and his pressures have been ok.

We are bringing him to TCH to get an MRI done. At this point most of his vision has returned, but he cannot see peripherally - he has essentially a tunnel vision in that eye.

Will update you all with more info as we get it. Keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

Kiki's Dad

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